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Quality Product & Great Customer ServiceHefty Seed

Red River Ag is proud to partner with Hefty Seed, one of the largest ag retailers in the country. Our partnership with them allows us to provide their high-quality seed product at a competitive price. With their vast selection of corn and soybean products and our expert knowledge, Red River Ag is sure to find the right seed for any farmer.  


At Red River Ag, we focus on recommending specifically tailored plans based on your needs and goals. No two customers' needs are the exact same.


Our team has the ability to bring in multiple sources of fertilizers; from dry and specialty micronutrients, to liquid. We work hard to keep our customers up to date on the market to make sure they get their fertilizer at the best rate possible.


We work with banks and other companies to find solutions that save farmers money and give them the flexibility that they're looking for. We focus on buying what will save you the most money and what has the highest chance of increasing in season.

Awesome Words About Red River AgGrowth of the Company

We’ve had incredible growth in all areas of our business, from Seed, chemical, fertilizer and grain. Our largest growth has come from the fertilizer market. We are constantly tracking the markets and trying to keep our farmers in tune with whats going on with all the volatility. Chemical has been the second largest growth area as we’ve helped guys position themselves to get the best possible prices and procured early. Embracing technology has made it where our customers location doesn’t even matter anymore, we can get anything delivered direct to a farmers door with minimal notice.
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Red River Ag’s mission is to bring the quality of value and solutions to others that we want on our own farm. No two farmers are alike and each has different strengths and weakness and we just want to find what way we can bring value to there organization

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