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Home Grown
All products are home grown
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We provide 24/7 service to our customers

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Fastest delivery west of the Mississippi


Countless discounts to fit the needs of our customers

We are Farmers First. By Farmers, For Farmers

We are Solutions Driven

One of our biggest advantages is our mobility to try different products and implement various ways to achieve optimal solutions. We first try things on our own personal farms on a small scale. Only when something is tried and true do we put it on our shelves.

Alex, Owner of Red River Ag


Our Products

Hefty Seed
4 Generations and Still Growing

BenefitsHow We Are Expanding

We’ve had incredible growth in all areas of our business, from Seed, chemical, fertilizer and grain. Our largest growth has come from the fertilizer market. We are constantly tracking the markets and trying to keep our farmers in tune with whats going on with all the volatility. Chemical has been the second largest growth area as we’ve helped guys position themselves to get the best possible prices and procured early. Embracing technology has made it where our customers location doesn’t even matter anymore, we can get anything delivered direct to a farmers door with minimal notice.
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10,000+ Acres

91% Customer Retention Rate

Over 30 million in sales as of 2021

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Red River Ag’s mission is to bring the quality of value and solutions to others that we want on our own farm. No two farmers are alike and each has different strengths and weakness and we just want to find what way we can bring value to there organization

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